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Eyeglass Frames Online in India – Wondering how to find eyeglass frames that will look great on you? Here is a comprehensive guide on finding the best frames for your face type.

Your face – The shape of your face will help to choose the frames that will look best on you.

Oval face – The most suitable frames for an oval face are geometric in shape, have a strong bridge and are wider than the the broadest part of the face.

Frames to avoid – Eyeglasses that cover more than half of the face will not look good on an oval face.

Round face – Square or rectangular eyeglasses tend to be wider than a round face so this can make your face look slimmer and longer. 

Frames to Avoid – Rimless frames, round frames and small frames will make your face look even rounder.

Square face – You can go for round or oval eyeglasses as they add a thinner appearance to the angles of a square face.

Frames to avoid – Avoid angular frames that will make your face look even more angular and bulky.

Heart-shaped face – Round and curved eyeglasses that have curved edges will help draw the attention away from the broad forehead that most heart-shaped faces have.

Frames to avoid – Any frames that draw attention to the forehead so embellished tops and decorative temples are out.

Diamond face – Your delicate features and high cheekbones need to be highlighted with eyeglasses that are bottom-heavy.

Frames to avoid – Box-shaped and narrow frames that will add width to the cheeks and make your narrow features stand out instead of enhancing them.

Consider your skin tone – Right after the shape of your face, your skin tone will help you to choose a right eyeglass frame. Skin tone is in fact more important than eye colour and hair colour. The shade you select should be close to your skin tone.

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Warm skin tone – People with a warm skin tone are ones with a wheatish complexion. Colours such as pastels, white and black frames are a strict no. The best frame colours for you are gold, honey, beige and brown shades.

Cool skin tone – Skin with pink or blue undertones means that you have a cool complexion. Silver, black, purple, pink, mauve and gray are colours that will look good on you.

Consider your lifestyle – There are eyeglasses for every sphere of life and you can get eyeglasses based on the kind of activities that you love to do. For example, if you are an outdoor person you can get eyeglasses that bend and are scratch resistant.

Similarly, if you’re a gamer you can get glasses that are suitable for long hours on the computer. You can try hundreds of eyeglasses frames online in India on sites such as lenskart. The best part is that lenskart gives you the freedom of a free eye check-up from the comfort of your home.

Consider your personality – Frames can speak a lot about your personality so it is not a bad idea to keep more than one pair of specs handy to keep in sync with your changing moods.

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Keep the above mentioned points in mind and you can’t wrong in your quest for finding the best eyeglass frames online in India for yourself.

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