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Buy top 5 best inverters brands in India at high discounted price only at Discount4sales.com. Everyone in this world has a desire to lead a comfortable life, general things that include in comforts like money, food, shelter, water, and power too. Yes…! Power which means electricity mostly everyone faces lots of problems with electricity. In various seasons you will be having various issues with power, for example: if it is summer and having power cut too, then you even have a proper sleep too and in rainy reason, most of the times power will off due to weather. To get rid of these struggles and to lead help comfortable life, one and only best are inverters. If you looking for best inverter in India and desiring to know a lot of knowledge regarding inverters and top branded and recommended inverters for home, then go through this blog;

What is inverter and types of the inverter?

An inverter is a power electronic device which stores power in the battery when power is on and supplies the power to home or office when a power cut occurs. As per definition, an inverter is a power device which changes power form from  DC to AC at needed voltage output and frequency. Let’s discuss types of inverters below;

Inverters are divided into two main types:

  • Voltage Source Inverter – The voltage source inverter has inelastic DC source voltage that which has limited or zero resistance at input terminals and power fluctuates by the load.
  • Current Source Inverter – The current source inverter has a variable DC source voltage that which has a high resistance and current will not get influenced by the load.

 Inverter battery brands in India:

  • Microtek Static Converter UPS:

Microtek Inverter is one of the most trusted brands which manufactures consumer electronics. Microtek Static converter UPS can hold a maximum load of 800 W. Microtek inverter is one of the best options to buy inverters for home use. Microtek UPS will start supplying power within just 15 milliseconds after the power cut. It is a unique choice for a house to use as a power backup. This device comes with DSC which is advanced technology and automatically switches to UPS when a power cut occurs.

  • Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter:

Exide is one of the best inverters in India , which manufactures storage battery. Exide ups inverter price is a little bit expensive compared with other brands, but it has built up with several features that which makes a perfect choice to buy for your home. This inverter run with a high-speed microprocessor and DSP technology. The LCD display is one of the special attractions that which mention all the useful parameters, load percentage, input & output voltages, and battery power.

  • Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS:

Luminous Power technology manufactures the Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS, which is one of the best inverters to buy for home power backup. Keeping power cut problems in mind, they have designed this inverter which can be used for both computer systems and other electrical appliances too. Luminous inverter price in India is very economical but you need to purchase the battery separately.

  • APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave:

APC home inverters one of most recommended inverters for home use. These inverters are specially designed to meet power cut issues in India. This inverter UPS will turn on immediately after a power cut and gives power output capability up to 500 watts. It also supplies power to all your electronic appliances like televisions, home theatre systems, gaming consoles, and many more, etc.

  • Amaron 880Va:

Amaron is one of the finest inverter brands in India, this inverter company manufactures various inverters with various power output capability by keeping customers in mind. So that everyone can have an inverter backup in their home for an affordable price.

Power inverters are very much needed for Indian in these home, choose the best brand as per your requirements. We had included top 5 inverter brands in India by going through the customer reviews and services too.