Are social shopping deals turning us shopaholic?

Social shopping being a method of e-commerce involves shopper’s full interest and takes over the mind on its stuff. Starting up from groceries and starring up to international brands like Jimmie Choo & Louis Vuitton , everything is available to satisfy a person’s need.

It uses technology to mimic social interactions and with the birth of various gadgets it has gained grip. The rise of mobile devices has made social shopping beyond the online world and into offline shopping arena too. Without breaking the schedule or hindering the routine these sites have enabled preoccupied people to shop smoothly.

Every merchandise requires a remarkable marketing strategy to promote itself and propel in the market. The best example of it can be deals offered to us by the online shopping sites. Snapdeal offers “deals of the day” at a discount of 80 percent while Shopclues chirp the offer of 60 percent off and it is just to glue a customer and produce a successful retailer-consumer relationship. Deals however move us and program our system towards a tone of benefit. “” entitled as India’s biggest online shopping site throws deals like “The Great Indian Sale is organised each year added to it festive and seasonal offers are a must”  which grabs the attention of humongous crowd of takers. Such deals serve as a virtual in-budget coupons to its customers. Recently Flipkart ended its “Republic day and Holi sale” proffering flat 50 to 80 percent and displaying amazing deals on different items including lowering of mobile phone prices.

This way shopping sites deals have resulted in extensive sale and become biggest marketing hub attracting customers like swarms of bees.

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