Google always focuses on serving its consumers with the latest and advanced Google Gadgets and products or iterating on already existing products. 2020 is no exception as Google has revealed some of its cool and latest gadgets in its annual hardware event. They unveiled the popular Pixel Smartphone of Google Gadgets along with Picelbook Laptop and also a variety of smart home gadgets that feature the latest Google Nest Branding. These were some of the highlights of the annual hardware even in New York last year. Whether you are shopping for yourself or want to gift someone, check out the list of top google gadgets that you must consider in 2020.

Google Nest Smart Mini Speaker

Tiny and reasonable Google Nest mini speaker really looks adorable and beautiful as Google Home Mini, but it comes featured with better sounding and stronger bass. This mini speaker is powered by Google Assistant with voice recognition feature which has been improvised. Moreover, the Nest Mini Speaker comes with wall mount ability and this makes it effortless to integrate it into your home. The captivating fabric cover of the speaker is 100% handcrafted with recycled bottles and it is available in a variety of color options.

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display

Nest Hub Max is the next smarter display by Google and it is a bigger version of Google Nest Hub variant. This is the legit multi-tool for the connected homes and it comes with 10 inches of touch screens, built-in Nest smart camera, and superior quality stereo speakers. The camera allows you to make Google Duo video calls and monitor the home when you are away. It is the powerfully connected home hub and it is compatible with several popular smart home gadgets. You may check the google gadgets review online for this product and you will be amazed at the high review score of the products.           

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router is the affordable and beautifully designed router that comes with the coverage capacity up to 2200 sq. ft with a reliable and faster wireless internet connection. Configuring and managing the router is a breeze for the users and it supports the Google Home App too. Based on the size and area of your house, you can connect the Wi-Fi router in a mesh network and Google also provides Wi-Fi add-on points that double it as a Smart Speaker. Each add-on point is capable of covering an additional distance of 1600 sq. ft.

Google Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are the two best Android Smartphone models by Google. Both these handsets come equipped with cool and handy tech features and highlighted by the higher refresh rate, fantastic camera setup, powerful chipset, and intuitive gesture controls. The Pixel 4 features a larger 5.7 inches of display, while the other variant comes with a sharper and huge display of 6.3 inches. It also features the most advanced and latest iteration and user experience free from bloatware.

Google Pixelbook Go Chrome OS Laptop

Google Pixelbook Go is the much-awaited laptop that is affordably priced than its successor. As the name suggests, this Chrome OS Laptop by Google is the perfect companion for the frequent travelers who love using a laptop on the go. It is extremely thin in design and insanely light in weight with 13.3 inches of the touch screen. The laptop also features a textured bottom to prevent the gadget from accidentally slipping from your hands. It comes with the choice of Intel processors that ranges from entry-level core M3 to powerful Core i5 and Core i7 options. Based on your need and budget you can make the selection between 16GB RAM or 8GB RAM with the internal memory capacity of 256GB SSD.

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds come with a dedicated button for accessing Google Assistant and it can translate over 40 different languages in a matter of seconds. Another feature of this USB-C earbud is that it has the optimal sounding quality and adjustable loops for an amazing and sung fit. This is compatible with almost all the variants of Android devices and other Smartphone models that run on different OS. So, these were some of the popular and widely used Google Gadgets that are worth considering. Justbutmust.com offers you the complete list of Google Gadgets that are worth buying in the year 2020. Stay tuned to learn more about the Google Gadgets that will be launched in the coming months.     


Mobile phones have come a long way, and apart from making calls, these electronic gadgets have altered our day-to-day lives to a great extent. Yes, mobile phones have completely changed about how we book hotel rooms, order food online, book train & flight tickets etc. TXTImpact platform offers an affordable mobile-marketing solution for small and medium businesses.

A recent survey indicates that the hospitality industry has spent around 60-63% only on mobile marketing. And the report further adds that is number is bound to increase in the coming years. While most of the hotels have adapted to the mobile revolution, some are yet to embrace the idea of mobile marketing, and some haven’t entered the mobile bandwagon because they aren’t sure how.

Why Hotel Mobile Marketing is Important

Mobile phones and tablets have made online booking much more comfortable. No longer we need to be around a laptop or running around internet centers to book hotel rooms. According to a research statistic released by Google, it states that almost 65%-70% of users use their mobile phones to book a hotel while on the go.

With the advent of virtual assistants like Siri, Microsoft Cortana, etc, all you need to do is just ask like “Which is the best hotel to stay nearby?”. And various hotel comparison websites allow people to search for the best place at very affordable rates. No longer you need to book a hotel room before a month or weeks before your trip. With mobile marketing, people can start booking as they go.

What Businesses Need to Do Implement Mobile Marketing

A Mobile-Friendly Website

With mobile booking increasing day by day, hotel businesses must make their websites mobile-friendly. If your site is not available for mobile users, then it literally means that you are knowingly missing out on revenue from a major section of customers.

Hotel-Focused Apps

When it comes to mobile marketing, digital marketing personnel can study the behavior of their customers more efficiently. Yes, through mobile-based marketing and mobile apps, digital marketers can easily gather data about customer behavior and strategize their marketing moves based on that. These insights allow marketers to understand which section of the website has the most views to enable them to focus on those areas better.

Mobile marketing with a responsive web design

A recent survey by MCD states that almost 70% of customers say that their booking decisions are largely impacted by the efficiency of a hotel website and mobile application. Responsive web design for your hotel not only increases its online visibility but also generates traffic to the website in large numbers.

Another survey released by Cornell Hospitality stats that around 80% of people use their mobile phones for planning their places to visit during their trip. Hence, successful mobile marketing not only ensures creating a website for hotel rooms but also provides users with the ability to check out the various attractions in the locality.

Mobile Marketing with a Branded Hotel App

It is also important for websites to encourage their website visitors to download their mobile applications. But you cannot just provide a link and think that every user will download the mobile application instantly. You need to provide users with a distinctive reason for them to download the mobile app.

How Can Hotels use Mobile Marketing to Boost Their Business?

With mobile marketing, hotels can:

Send Instant Offers

Businesses can send across promotional offers and deals to their customers instantly. This allows businesses to connect with their customers directly, generate traffic to their website, and boost sales to a great extent.

Avoid Negative Reviews

Mobile marketing can mainly help in eliminating negative reviews from customers. A just-in-time reminder or a noble gesture from the hotel business can mainly help in reducing negative reviews from customers.

Send Booking Reminders

With text marketing, hotel businesses can easily send across booking reminders instantly to their customers. This also allows digital marketers to send personalized text messages to their customers. Booking reminders enable customers to always stay on track with their booking and never miss a booking.

Enhance Customer Service

Mobile marketing not only helps in increasing sales but also helps in enhancing customer service to a great extent. Using short-codes, businesses can improve customer communication.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing for The Hospitality Industry

Mobile marketing offers various benefits to the hospitality industry, including:

Boost Sales:

Mobile marketing helps in boosting sales and revenue for hotel businesses in a great way. It also allows hotels to send in offers and promotions instantly so that customers won’t miss out on the latest deals.

Offer Amazing Services

With mobile marketing, businesses can take customer service to the next level. Imagine entering a hotel and receiving a welcome message from the hotel or getting a thank you note when checking out from the hotel. This will mainly enhance customer service and allow businesses to offer the best-in-class service to its customers.


“I see the commercials for Amazon Alexa all of the time on television and even on the radio.  It seems as though Amazon is trying to promote it (Alexa) as being the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The Amazon Alexa seems interesting and useful, and I am thinking about getting one, but I need more details before doing so!”  Yes, if you want to buy the Amazon Alexa, but are not really familiar with either it or its features, this is what you should be saying!  You want to know more about the Amazon Alexa including its price, so read this article because you will learn all this and more below!

“What is Amazon Alexa price in India?”

“I live in Delhi, so I want to know what the Amazon Alexa price in India is!”  Read the answer to your question below.  If you buy Alexa off of Amazon’s website, the minimum price you will be paying for its is INR 5499.  However, did you know that you can buy the Amazon Alexa Echo for as little as INR 3,500 on certain online shops.  The caveat here is that you will be buying the older, standard third generation version of the Amazon Alexa.  Therefore, its features will not nearly be as amazing or advanced!

“Please tell me more about Amazon electronics offers online?”

“I don’t really shop for electronic devices on Amazon, so I am not familiar with its electronics.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could please tell me more about Amazon electronics offers online!”  Well definitely!  As you know, Amazon sells a variety of goods and items ranging from electronics to jewelry online.  However, its best deals are in electronics.  For example, you can find a wide variety of Alexa devices which include the Echo Studio high fidelity smart speaker, the Echo glow which is a kids’ glow in the dark lamp, the Echo Show Show 8 – HD8, and the all new ring stick up camera battery HD, among other products on Amazon.com!  Other electronic products which are featured on Amazon.com include smartphones, smartwatches and related accessories, GPS and other navigation devices, and printers, etc…

“What is Amazon Alexa India?”

“I hear the phrase Amazon Alexa India all of the time.  Please tell me more about this!”  That ‘phrase’ is in reference to the Indian version of Amazon Alexa.  The Indian version now speaks and understands Hindi.  This will make it more appealing to a larger section of the Indian populace because only one third of Indians know English (which was Amazon Alexa’s only language for communication!)  The one drawback is the Hindi language is only spoken in one voice.  The Alexa sold in India also supports a different and much larger set of skills than its Western counterparts.  These include cricket, education, and Bollywood categories, among others!

“Please tell me about Amazon Alexa’s features?”

I hear that Amazon Alexa has great features all of the time.  I would appreciate it if you could educate me on Amazon Alexa’s features!”  The newest version of the Amazon Alexa has 20 great features.  Some of these include:

  • New Alexa devices
  • Echo software updates
  • Kid friendly nature
  • Voice calling and messaging

“Kindly tell me about Amazon online offers for Alexa!”

“Can you kindly tell me more about Amazon online offers for Alexa?”  Well certainly!  You can think of Amazon Alexa as being like your personal life manager because it helps keep you on schedule during the afternoon and evening.  Some great Echo and Alexa products from Amazon include the Auto Echo, the Echo dot (3rd gen), and the Echo glow (lamp for kids).  The best part is that these products sell for at most 3500 INR!

“What is the Amazon Alexa features list?”

I want to know what the Amazon Alexa features list is!”  The Amazon Alexa comes with 20 great features, four of them are:

  • Multi-room audio
  • Spotify premium and Apple music
  • Echo skills and Alexa app
  • Pandora and Prime music

I wonder what Amazon Alexa new features are!”

“Tell me more about Amazon Alexa new features!”  The Amazon Alexa has 11 new features, some of which are:

Amazon’s Alexa is where it’s at If you love buying and using the latest technologies and electronic gadgets, you will love Amazon Alexa because of the many new features which make life cooler and easier.  The Amazon Alexa will also help you manage your life better!


Amazon Echo is the voice controlled, hands-free device supported by Alexa voice assistance to play music, check calendar, set alarms, check spots scores, weather and manage to-do and shopping lists. Simply connect the smart device to the speaker via Bluetooth or stereo cable and start playing music from different services like Prime Music, TuneIN and other music apps with ease. Amazon Echo is perhaps the most alluring method to bring Alexa voice assistance to your home and the Amazon Echo Dot Price in India is set to Rs. 3999 which can be availed at discounted rate now during Amazon sale.

You will be amazed to know that there are a variety of Echo speakers and screens available today and recently Amazon has refreshed their product line with improvised versions. The new Amazon Echo Dot offers are catching the attention of the users and it is the most affordable Smart Speaker available today. You will find the Amazon Echo Price and offers for the larger versions like Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation, Amazon Echo Studio and more. For the visual effects you can opt for the Amazon Echo Show along with table friendly Amazon Echo Spot that comes with screen.           

Amazon Echo Dot Price in India with Clock Deals

Now Amazon Echo Dot come with discrete and handy display and clock which is the modest upgrades done by Amazon. Technically, Amazon Echo Dot is the 3rd generation Echo Dot model that has clean display on side that shows you time. Most of the users use it as Smart Timer around their kitchen and checking time would become really easier with it. Apart from time, weather can also be checked.

Tap to snooze is another improvement that is made in this model when you use the Amazon Echo as your alarm clock. So, check for the recent Amazon India offers for the Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Amazon Offers

The most popularly used Smart Speaker in the world, Amazon Echo 3rd Generation comes in three different colour variants. The hockey puck shaped speaker has the refined look with fabric finishing and the driver of the speaker is much larger going from 1.1” diameter to 1.6 inches diameter. This makes it 70% louder than its predecessor and comes with secondary 3.5mm Aux for secondary speaker. It can be connected wirelessly to external speaker or via Bluetooth.

Check for the amazing offers and Amazon Echo Price online to grab the best deal online. Wait for the festive sale which would start soon as you can get the speaker for discounted rates on the festive season sale.

Amazon Echo Price and Deals in 2019

The standard size Amazon Echo is upgraded to sound better than ever before but with no price hike. It sounds even better than its 3rd generation counterpart because of the upgrade done in the audio architecture. It features the neodymium drivers and has the larger woofer of 3 inches and bigger tweeter which helps you to enjoy great music without burning a hole in the pocket. Despite such upgrades the Amazon Echo Price is kept nominal without any hike.         

The standard Amazon Echo is slightly chunkier than the 2nd generation speakers as it comes with same height and the overall aesthetic is also the same and comprises of fabric design. New colour schemes have been launched and you would have the best sounding experience with it at very minimal price range.

Amazon Echo Show 8 Amazon Offers

Get a decent screen size at sensible price range with Amazon Echo Show 8. The Amazon Echo Show 5 and Echo Spot are the best suited models till date, but after the launch of Show 8 people are turning towards it because of its larger spaces and decent screen sizes.

So, now if you are looking for the best hands-free recipe guide along with video tutorial at kitchen, then Show 8 is the ideal choice indeed. It comes with 10” of screen and Alexa support voice assistance and more. Besides, the Amazon Echo Price for Show 8 is also minimal as compared to its predecessor and you can check for Amazon Offers to save some money on it.   

So, these were some of the great deals and offers available and ensure to compare the Amazon Echo Dot Price in India during Amazon sale to grab best discounted deals online.


Buy top 5 best inverters brands in India at high discounted price only at Discount4sales.com. Everyone in this world has a desire to lead a comfortable life, general things that include in comforts like money, food, shelter, water, and power too. Yes…! Power which means electricity mostly everyone faces lots of problems with electricity. In various seasons you will be having various issues with power.

For example: if it is summer and having power cut too, then you even have a proper sleep too and in rainy reason, most of the times power will off due to weather. To get rid of these struggles and to lead help comfortable life, one and only best are inverters. If you looking for best inverter in India and desiring to know a lot of knowledge regarding inverters and top branded and recommended inverters for home, then go through this blog;

What is inverter and types of the inverter?

An inverter is a power electronic device which stores power in the battery when power is on and supplies the power to home or office when a power cut occurs. As per definition, an inverter is a power device which changes power form from  DC to AC at needed voltage output and frequency. Let’s discuss types of inverters below.

Inverters are divided into two main types

  • Voltage Source Inverter – The voltage source inverter has inelastic DC source voltage that which has limited or zero resistance at input terminals and power fluctuates by the load.
  • Current Source Inverter – The current source inverter has a variable DC source voltage that which has a high resistance and current will not get influenced by the load.

Best Inverters in India and battery brands

  • Microtek Static Converter UPS:

Microtek Inverter is one of the most trusted brands which manufactures consumer electronics. Microtek Static converter UPS can hold a maximum load of 800 W. Microtek inverter is one of the best options to buy inverters for home use. Microtek UPS will start supplying power within just 15 milliseconds after the power cut. It is a unique choice for a house to use as a power backup. This device comes with DSC which is advanced technology and automatically switches to UPS when a power cut occurs.

  • Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter:

Exide is one of the best inverters in India , which manufactures storage battery. Exide ups inverter price is a little bit expensive compared with other brands, but it has built up with several features that which makes a perfect choice to buy for your home. This inverter run with a high-speed microprocessor and DSP technology. The LCD display is one of the special attractions that which mention all the useful parameters, load percentage, input & output voltages, and battery power.

  • Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS:

Luminous Power technology manufactures the Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS, which is one of the best inverters to buy for home power backup. Keeping power cut problems in mind, they have designed this inverter which can be used for both computer systems and other electrical appliances too. Luminous inverter price in India is very economical but you need to purchase the battery separately.

Keeping power cut problems in mind, they have designed this inverter which can be used for both computer systems and other electrical appliances too. Luminous inverter price in India is very economical but you need to purchase the battery separately.

  • APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave:

APC home inverters one of most recommended inverters for home use. These inverters are specially designed to meet power cut issues in India. This inverter UPS will turn on immediately after a power cut and gives power output capability up to 500 watts. It also supplies power to all your electronic appliances like televisions, home theatre systems, gaming consoles, and many more, etc.

  • Amaron 880Va:

Amaron is one of the best inverter brands in India, this inverter company manufactures various inverters with various power output capability by keeping customers in mind. So that everyone can have an inverter backup in their home for an affordable price. Power inverters are very much needed for Indian in these home, choose the best brand as per your requirements. We had included top 5 best inverter brands in India by going through the customer reviews and services too.