So You Want to Get the Amazing Amazon Alexa? Then Read This!

Amazon Alexa price in India

“I see the commercials for Amazon Alexa all of the time on television and even on the radio.  It seems as though Amazon is trying to promote it (Alexa) as being the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The Amazon Alexa seems interesting and useful, and I am thinking about getting one, but I need more details before doing so!”  Yes, if you want to buy the Amazon Alexa, but are not really familiar with either it or its features, this is what you should be saying!  You want to know more about the Amazon Alexa including its price, so read this article because you will learn all this and more below!

“What is Amazon Alexa price in India?”

“I live in Delhi, so I want to know what the Amazon Alexa price in India is!”  Read the answer to your question below.  If you buy Alexa off of Amazon’s website, the minimum price you will be paying for its is INR 5499.  However, did you know that you can buy the Amazon Alexa Echo for as little as INR 3,500 on certain online shops.  The caveat here is that you will be buying the older, standard third generation version of the Amazon Alexa.  Therefore, its features will not nearly be as amazing or advanced!

“Please tell me more about Amazon electronics offers online?”

“I don’t really shop for electronic devices on Amazon, so I am not familiar with its electronics.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could please tell me more about Amazon electronics offers online!”  Well definitely!  As you know, Amazon sells a variety of goods and items ranging from electronics to jewelry online.  However, its best deals are in electronics.  For example, you can find a wide variety of Alexa devices which include the Echo Studio high fidelity smart speaker, the Echo glow which is a kids’ glow in the dark lamp, the Echo Show Show 8 – HD8, and the all new ring stick up camera battery HD, among other products on!  Other electronic products which are featured on include smartphones, smartwatches and related accessories, GPS and other navigation devices, and printers, etc…

“What is Amazon Alexa India?”

“I hear the phrase Amazon Alexa India all of the time.  Please tell me more about this!”  That ‘phrase’ is in reference to the Indian version of Amazon Alexa.  The Indian version now speaks and understands Hindi.  This will make it more appealing to a larger section of the Indian populace because only one third of Indians know English (which was Amazon Alexa’s only language for communication!)  The one drawback is the Hindi language is only spoken in one voice.  The Alexa sold in India also supports a different and much larger set of skills than its Western counterparts.  These include cricket, education, and Bollywood categories, among others!

“Please tell me about Amazon Alexa’s features?”

I hear that Amazon Alexa has great features all of the time.  I would appreciate it if you could educate me on Amazon Alexa’s features!”  The newest version of the Amazon Alexa has 20 great features.  Some of these include:

  • New Alexa devices
  • Echo software updates
  • Kid friendly nature
  • Voice calling and messaging

“Kindly tell me about Amazon online offers for Alexa!”

“Can you kindly tell me more about Amazon online offers for Alexa?”  Well certainly!  You can think of Amazon Alexa as being like your personal life manager because it helps keep you on schedule during the afternoon and evening.  Some great Echo and Alexa products from Amazon include the Auto Echo, the Echo dot (3rd gen), and the Echo glow (lamp for kids).  The best part is that these products sell for at most 3500 INR!

“What is the Amazon Alexa features list?”

I want to know what the Amazon Alexa features list is!”  The Amazon Alexa comes with 20 great features, four of them are:

  • Multi-room audio
  • Spotify premium and Apple music
  • Echo skills and Alexa app
  • Pandora and Prime music

I wonder what Amazon Alexa new features are!”

“Tell me more about Amazon Alexa new features!”  The Amazon Alexa has 11 new features, some of which are:

Amazon’s Alexa is where it’s at If you love buying and using the latest technologies and electronic gadgets, you will love Amazon Alexa because of the many new features which make life cooler and easier.  The Amazon Alexa will also help you manage your life better!

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