The Top Best Google Gadgets to Buy in 2020

Google Gadgets

Google always focuses on serving its consumers with the latest and advanced Google Gadgets and products or iterating on already existing products. 2020 is no exception as Google has revealed some of its cool and latest gadgets in its annual hardware event. They unveiled the popular Pixel Smartphone of Google Gadgets along with Picelbook Laptop and also a variety of smart home gadgets that feature the latest Google Nest Branding. These were some of the highlights of the annual hardware even in New York last year. Whether you are shopping for yourself or want to gift someone, check out the list of top google gadgets that you must consider in 2020.

Google Nest Smart Mini Speaker

Tiny and reasonable Google Nest mini speaker really looks adorable and beautiful as Google Home Mini, but it comes featured with better sounding and stronger bass. This mini speaker is powered by Google Assistant with voice recognition feature which has been improvised. Moreover, the Nest Mini Speaker comes with wall mount ability and this makes it effortless to integrate it into your home. The captivating fabric cover of the speaker is 100% handcrafted with recycled bottles and it is available in a variety of color options.

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display

Nest Hub Max is the next smarter display by Google and it is a bigger version of Google Nest Hub variant. This is the legit multi-tool for the connected homes and it comes with 10 inches of touch screens, built-in Nest smart camera, and superior quality stereo speakers. The camera allows you to make Google Duo video calls and monitor the home when you are away. It is the powerfully connected home hub and it is compatible with several popular smart home gadgets. You may check the google gadgets review online for this product and you will be amazed at the high review score of the products.           

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router is the affordable and beautifully designed router that comes with the coverage capacity up to 2200 sq. ft with a reliable and faster wireless internet connection. Configuring and managing the router is a breeze for the users and it supports the Google Home App too. Based on the size and area of your house, you can connect the Wi-Fi router in a mesh network and Google also provides Wi-Fi add-on points that double it as a Smart Speaker. Each add-on point is capable of covering an additional distance of 1600 sq. ft.

Google Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are the two best Android Smartphone models by Google. Both these handsets come equipped with cool and handy tech features and highlighted by the higher refresh rate, fantastic camera setup, powerful chipset, and intuitive gesture controls. The Pixel 4 features a larger 5.7 inches of display, while the other variant comes with a sharper and huge display of 6.3 inches. It also features the most advanced and latest iteration and user experience free from bloatware.

Google Pixelbook Go Chrome OS Laptop

Google Pixelbook Go is the much-awaited laptop that is affordably priced than its successor. As the name suggests, this Chrome OS Laptop by Google is the perfect companion for the frequent travelers who love using a laptop on the go. It is extremely thin in design and insanely light in weight with 13.3 inches of the touch screen. The laptop also features a textured bottom to prevent the gadget from accidentally slipping from your hands. It comes with the choice of Intel processors that ranges from entry-level core M3 to powerful Core i5 and Core i7 options. Based on your need and budget you can make the selection between 16GB RAM or 8GB RAM with the internal memory capacity of 256GB SSD.

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds come with a dedicated button for accessing Google Assistant and it can translate over 40 different languages in a matter of seconds. Another feature of this USB-C earbud is that it has the optimal sounding quality and adjustable loops for an amazing and sung fit. This is compatible with almost all the variants of Android devices and other Smartphone models that run on different OS. So, these were some of the popular and widely used Google Gadgets that are worth considering. offers you the complete list of Google Gadgets that are worth buying in the year 2020. Stay tuned to learn more about the Google Gadgets that will be launched in the coming months.     

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