How the Hospitality Industry Can Use Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have come a long way, and apart from making calls, these electronic gadgets have altered our day-to-day lives to a great extent. Yes, mobile phones have completely changed about how we book hotel rooms, order food online, book train & flight tickets etc. TXTImpact platform offers an affordable mobile-marketing solution for small and medium businesses.

A recent survey indicates that the hospitality industry has spent around 60-63% only on mobile marketing. And the report further adds that is number is bound to increase in the coming years. While most of the hotels have adapted to the mobile revolution, some are yet to embrace the idea of mobile marketing, and some haven’t entered the mobile bandwagon because they aren’t sure how.

Why Hotel Mobile Marketing is Important

Mobile phones and tablets have made online booking much more comfortable. No longer we need to be around a laptop or running around internet centers to book hotel rooms. According to a research statistic released by Google, it states that almost 65%-70% of users use their mobile phones to book a hotel while on the go.

With the advent of virtual assistants like Siri, Microsoft Cortana, etc, all you need to do is just ask like “Which is the best hotel to stay nearby?”. And various hotel comparison websites allow people to search for the best place at very affordable rates. No longer you need to book a hotel room before a month or weeks before your trip. With mobile marketing, people can start booking as they go.

What Businesses Need to Do Implement Mobile Marketing

A Mobile-Friendly Website

With mobile booking increasing day by day, hotel businesses must make their websites mobile-friendly. If your site is not available for mobile users, then it literally means that you are knowingly missing out on revenue from a major section of customers.

Hotel-Focused Apps

When it comes to mobile marketing, digital marketing personnel can study the behavior of their customers more efficiently. Yes, through mobile-based marketing and mobile apps, digital marketers can easily gather data about customer behavior and strategize their marketing moves based on that. These insights allow marketers to understand which section of the website has the most views to enable them to focus on those areas better.

Mobile marketing with a responsive web design

A recent survey by MCD states that almost 70% of customers say that their booking decisions are largely impacted by the efficiency of a hotel website and mobile application. Responsive web design for your hotel not only increases its online visibility but also generates traffic to the website in large numbers.

Another survey released by Cornell Hospitality stats that around 80% of people use their mobile phones for planning their places to visit during their trip. Hence, successful mobile marketing not only ensures creating a website for hotel rooms but also provides users with the ability to check out the various attractions in the locality.

Mobile Marketing with a Branded Hotel App

It is also important for websites to encourage their website visitors to download their mobile applications. But you cannot just provide a link and think that every user will download the mobile application instantly. You need to provide users with a distinctive reason for them to download the mobile app.

How Can Hotels use Mobile Marketing to Boost Their Business?

With mobile marketing, hotels can:

Send Instant Offers

Businesses can send across promotional offers and deals to their customers instantly. This allows businesses to connect with their customers directly, generate traffic to their website, and boost sales to a great extent.

Avoid Negative Reviews

Mobile marketing can mainly help in eliminating negative reviews from customers. A just-in-time reminder or a noble gesture from the hotel business can mainly help in reducing negative reviews from customers.

Send Booking Reminders

With text marketing, hotel businesses can easily send across booking reminders instantly to their customers. This also allows digital marketers to send personalized text messages to their customers. Booking reminders enable customers to always stay on track with their booking and never miss a booking.

Enhance Customer Service

Mobile marketing not only helps in increasing sales but also helps in enhancing customer service to a great extent. Using short-codes, businesses can improve customer communication.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing for The Hospitality Industry

Mobile marketing offers various benefits to the hospitality industry, including:

Boost Sales:

Mobile marketing helps in boosting sales and revenue for hotel businesses in a great way. It also allows hotels to send in offers and promotions instantly so that customers won’t miss out on the latest deals.

Offer Amazing Services

With mobile marketing, businesses can take customer service to the next level. Imagine entering a hotel and receiving a welcome message from the hotel or getting a thank you note when checking out from the hotel. This will mainly enhance customer service and allow businesses to offer the best-in-class service to its customers.

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