Paytm KYC Online Details

All the online transactions and digital wallet have become torchbearer to pay the payments in India. Paytm is one of the biggest online digital wallet and online payment platform in India. Paytm full form is Payment Through Mobile and it is launched in 2010, and now this e-commerce site is playing a key role in the online market. They created a common platform for all mobile recharges, bill payments and utility transferring money to others. Not only enables to transfer money to paytm wallet but a user transfers cash from his bank account to paytm wallet through debit and credits cards. All the paytm users can pay through paytm wallet without using any physical cash. Nearly 8 lakh merchants tied by Paytm, so that every customer can directly pay through paytm KYC wallet to the respective merchant. To offer the best services, the Paytm upgraded regularly since there launch. Since past 2 years, paytm even allows their users to transfer money to a bank account and to another paytm wallet. To use the Paytm wallet, every user should complete Paytm KYC to use features available on KYC Paytm app. Have you finished your paytm KYC registration? If not then check out below.

PayTM KYC Online

Paytm KYC is a mandatory update to avail the benefits from Paytm. Paytm is offering the services of the bank to enable all the transactions of the bank to their users. To avoid fraudulent transactions and safeguard the transaction of the users, paytm has mandated the KYC updates for all the Paytm users. KYC means Know Your Customer. It is just a personal verification of the paytm with identity cards issued by the government. Every bank use to get KYC verification of the account holder before approving their account. So that same rules will be applied to paytm also. The RBI governs the paytm to assure the safe and fraudulent less transactions, so that by following the RBI guidelines paytm made KYC mandatory their users. Paytm KYC customer can access every feature in Paytm and to open paytm bank account, paytm KYC verification is mandatory. Paytm limits the transaction values to normal users to 5000 Rs for transaction and 25000 Rs per month. For paytm KYC users, the limit per month is available up to 1 lakh Rs.

Paytm KYC form

If you want to get KYC wallet through a paytm agent, then you should provide the identity proof and address proof while filing Paytm KYC form online. You can provide any ID proofs which are issued by a government to activate your Paytm KYC account.

Paytm KYC Verification:

Generally, paytm KYC is done by paytm agents but now Paytm KYC verification is done in three various ways; Minimum KYC, Self KYC, and Full KYC.

  • Minimum KYC:

Minimum KYC can activate the paytm user account with any one of the ID cards which is issued by a government. The transaction limit for the paytm users with minimum KYC is 10000 Rs per month.

  • Self KYC:

Self KYC is mandatory for every existing paytm customers. By updating your aadhar number you can get your paytm account verified. This process is verified by OTP to your mobile number which is linked with aadhar card. If you couldn’t complete your paytm KYC online verification, the just nearest paytm KYC verification centre to get very your Paytm account. Maximum transaction limit per month is 1 lakh Rs through paytm.

  • Full KYC:

Full KYC is a manual verification process by address proofs of the customer. You won’t get full KYC update through Paytm KYC online. To get full KYC update you need to visit pay paytm KYC centres near you. The maximum transaction Limit per month is Rs 1 lakh.
If you still didn’t get verified your KYC account then hurry up to get verified. Contact paytm KYC customer care to know more about KYC and to clear your queries.

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