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Nowadays, we are using cabs to travel to the office, malls, movies and shopping etc and it costs a little bit high for a small distance, even for carpooling too. If you are tired of these, then you should try Rapido bike ride, Rapido is a platform where a single customer can book a bike ride through rapido mobile app and can ride the bike until their destination. The first thing you need for booking a ride in Rapido is a valid driving license, you can even become a rider and earn some money in your leisure time. Rapido is one of the best bike riding app bike which helps you to move faster, safe and it is very affordable to every customer.

Recently Rapido expanding their services in seven states and the following cities are Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Mysuru, Gurugram, Madurai, Indore, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli ( Trichy), Patna and Guwahati. So if you are living nearby or in those cities then book your ride and make a comfortable journey.

How to Book Your Rapido Bike Ride Free?

  • First of all Download Rapido app from a respective store you have (Google Play Store or Apple Store).
  • Sign up with your valid information and later you can see the available rides which are nearby your location.
  • Now you can fill your destination details then the page will redirects to booking page after finding a suitable ride. Choose your mode of payment before you book your Rapido bike ride.
  • You will receive the Captain and vehicle details to your respective mobile number after booking a ride. Use those details to connect with the captain and have a safe ride.
  • The Captain will handover a helmet and a shower cap with the vehicle to have a safe and secure ride.

Rapido Referral Code:

You can easily earn credits in your Rapido wallet by referring Rapido to your friends and family members to book ride on Rapido. All your referral codes will be available on the Rapido app menu with Free Rides option. You can refer friends and family members by sharing code through Facebook, Whatsapp, Message, Twitter etc. The Rapido referral code you get from the app can be shared with multiple people at the same time by choosing from the list of contacts from your mobile.

Rapido Offers and Promo Code:

If you are new user for Rapido then you will be getting 100% Cashback for your First Ride. This offer is only for the new user who is going to book their first ride on Rapido. No minimum amount is required to book the ride and the user will be getting a maximum cashback of Rs 30.

Rapido Coupons Online :

GORAPIDO: If you are an existing user of Rapido then you can get 25% cashback on your next 5 Rides by use the Rapido Coupon codeGORAPIDO” while booking the Ride through Rapido app. This Coupon code will apply to all existing users and the maximum cashback amount of Rs. 50 will received for 5 rides (each ride get 10 Rs Cashback).


Book your Rapido first ride for free by using “FB100”. There is no minimum charge to book your first ride on Rapido. Copy the coupon code and apply the code at the payment process to get a free bike ride. This Rapido Coupon code can be applied to only new users. The offer period is very limited, book as soon as possible and enjoy your ride.

Stop wasting your money on cabs for short distance and start booking your bike ride on rapido to have a safe and economical ride in the city. Choose the best offers and coupons that which get maximum cashback for you on Rapido app.

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