black christmas movie 2019 trailer


2019 seems to be the year with several Hollywood remakes, ranging from Disney’s consistent live action remakes of animated movies to classic horror flicks like Child’s Play; Hollywood is likely to make viewers quite nostalgic with the set of remakes. There is nothing better than ending the year with the remake of the movie which has inspired several other slasher movies, the Black Christmas. It is the remake of Bob Clark’s holiday horror, Black Christmas and it is considered by many to be one of the top rated and most iconic Hollywood Horror Movies 2019. This movie has inspired many directors to make some of the recognizable slasher tropes and now it is inspiring Sophia Takal to remake it and Black Christmas Movie 2019 Release Date is set for 13th of December 2019.   

More About the New Remake – Black Christmas

Black Christmas 2019 is not the first remake in Hollywood as many filmmakers have directed the remake earlier, but they failed to create a buzz in the box office. However, the upcoming remake of Black Christmas is created by the Blumhouse Productions and it will be directed by first ever female director of Blumhouse, Sophia Takal. This is the successful studio that has released many critically renowned remakes of horror classic and due to this factor the upcoming Black Christmas Movie 2019 seems to be promising remake of sinister holiday cult classic. It is the historic moment in Blumhouse Production that a female has both written and directed the remake who has no experience in the horror industry.

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She has directed some mystery thriller movies previously. She has also directed New Year, New Me, a chapter of Hulu’s Into the Dark horror franchise. This segment actually revolves around the tense reunion between groups of friends which leads to violent confrontation.

All About Black Christmas 2019 Trailer

The Black Christmas Movie Trailer was already released in October 2019 and the trailer reveals that this remake of classic holiday horror will extract most of the part from the original series with few twists and turns in the plot. Alike its original counterpart, the Black Christmas Movie 2019 would revolve around the group of few young sorority females who are hunted by a mysterious stalker and the serial killer murders them all. It seems that the serial killer is not alone as it appears to be the part of a grander and this is the new twist in the conspiracy and plot.

The cast of this Upcoming Hollywood Movies include Imogen Poots from Green Room and she is starring along with Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O’Grandy, Lily Donoghue, Simon Mead, Caleb Eberhardt, Cary Elwes and more. Like the movie plot, the slasher flick is all set to be premiered on creepy date of Friday the 13th of December which is the Black Christmas Movie 2019 Release Date. This is the ultimate way to end the season of horror and welcome the new holiday season and New Year.              

What is The Storyline of Original Black Christmas?

The original Black Christmas was first written by the Canadian screenwriter, A. Roy Moore under a title “Stop Me” and the story was inspired by the horrific series of murders that took place in late 60s and early 70s. After few experiments and rewrites, the story gradually moved to the college settings which involve the group of sorority sisters. The movie revolves around the young women where they start receiving threatening calls regularly from some unknown sources and they were stalked and finally brutally murdered by serial killers.

The script and plot of the movie is recognized globally by the movie historians and considered as the first of its kind original slasher film which is appreciated both by audiences and critics for its popular eerily suspenseful ending. The movie featured by Keir Dullea, Olivia Hussey, Andrea Martin, Margot Kidder, John Saxon and Marian Waldman. This movie received the most mixed reviews previously, but later it developed into a cult following amongst those Hollywood Horror fans.

So, Black Christmas Movie 2019 is not the first remake as many filmmakers from Hollywood has already tried their level best to deliver some of its remake in different version which created no buzz indeed. Let us hope for the best with the upcoming horror cult in 2019 by Sophia Takal.